Student wellbeing is a strong focus at St Patrick’s School and one of the ways we like to enhance this is through physical education (Taha Tinana). We want all of our students to develop a healthy attitude towards physical activity and to have positive experiences in physical education.  Our ultimate goal is that the children will see physical education as an important part of their everyday lives.    

Our Junior and Middle Syndicates teach the ‘Perceptual Motor Programme’ (PMP) to our students. Our focus is on developing fine and gross motor skills, coordination, concentration, eye tracking skills and memory skills.  These are all developed through a variety of activities and games in PMP. 

We offer a wide range of sporting opportunities for our Year 0-6 students.  Some of these are Swimming, Netball, Cricket, Touch, Football, Basketball, Athletics and Cross-Country running.  We are fortunate that we are able to have the support of Sport Southland who provide us with experts in a variety of sports.  The children and teachers really benefit from these sessions where we learn a variety of skills and strategies.

Our school is well equipped with sporting resources which are updated and replaced on an annual basis.  We value children’s voice and they are given the opportunity to communicate to us any equipment they think might be beneficial.

We wear our St Patrick’s sports uniform with pride every time we participate in a sporting event.  We are known for being not only competitive but also fair.  As our school is faith based we encourage the children to have respect for their opposition.