St Patrick’s is a Roman Catholic Primary School for boys and girls from Year 0 to Year 6 offering education with a Special Character.

The maximum roll of our school is 300 pupils. Subject to places being available, a limited number of non-preference pupils may be enrolled.

The Special Character of St Patrick’s is that it is a Roman Catholic School established by the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Dunedin which promotes and supports the school and of which the school is part.

Our school is a place in which the whole school community through the general school programme and its religious instructions and observances exercises the right to live and teach the values of Jesus Christ.

St Patrick’s is a Grade 4, 13 teacher school. It was opened on 12 March 1944 with a roll of 30. The school was originally staffed by the Nuns of the Dominican Order. The Nuns have gradually disappeared from our staff – their vocations taking them in other directions – and the school today is staffed entirely by lay teachers.

On the 18 May 1952 what is now Block B was opened and blessed by Bishop Kavanagh. There was a roll of 140 pupils. The building was placed under the patronage of St Maria Goretti.

In 1958 the upper story was added.

As the roll continued to grow it was decided to convert the original school building, erected in 1944, into a four-roomed infant block. Block A was opened in 1967. Following the completion of this block, further extensions were made to Block B with the addition of a library and a much-needed school office.

An extensive rebuilding programme costing close to $2 million was completed in 1997.

St Patrick’s is the School for the Georgetown Parish of Invercargill and is seen as a vital part of the Parish. Our Parish Priest also acts as one of the Proprietors Representatives on our Board of Trustees.

The school motto is “Ut filii lucis sitis”

That you may be children of the Light.

St Patrick’s School accepts an obligation to develop programmes which reflect New Zealand’s dual cultural heritage. Our school also adopts practices that identify and cater for the individual needs of each student, particularly Maori, Pacific Island, other ethnic groups, women and girls, students with disabilities and students with other special learning needs.