At St Patrick’s we are lucky to have an active group of parents, teachers and friends who come together to organise social events for the children and their families and support the children and staff at school through regular fundraising and purchasing of resources.

The purpose of the Association is to raise funds for additional things for our school community and to organise events that bring people together to build community.  The FSP helps in developing community spirit, running special projects and fundraising and plays an important role in bringing home and school into a closer relationship.  The FSP is made up of a mix of both parents, teachers and friends of the school.  

Over the past few years the Friends of St Pat’s have been focused on raising money for our new playground and sandpit, supporting resources for classrooms, purchasing sports equipment, helping with costs of Year 6 camp and whole school trips. 

The FSP loves to organise social events for our school such as school fairs, discos, movie nights, working bees to maintain our school grounds, parent social get togethers and more. 

Regular meetings are held each term and are a great way to meet other people. New members are always welcome.  If you would like more information on the group or are interested in joining, please email