At St Patrick’s School we are part of the St Patrick’s Parish.

On October 13 1940 Mass was celebrated for the first time in the newly built church of St Patrick’s by Father Anthony Gavin, and Bishop Whyte blessed the church. However, it wasn’t until 9 March 1949 that St Patrick’s was declared a separate Parish within Invercargill and Fr James Henley was the first Parish Priest. 

Today our Parish Priests are Fr Gerard Ainsley and Fr Peter Chadwick. They can be contacted by phoning 03 218 4123 or email

We regularly gather with Parishioners to celebrate special occasions such as St Patrick’s Day, St Dominic’s Day, Ash Wednesday and Sacramental celebrations such as Baptism, Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation. We participate in these liturgies by being readers, altar servers and gift bearers. We also help out around our Church and Parish with cleaning and gardening done by our Young Vinnies group.

Mass is said every Saturday at 6pm at St Patrick’s Church. Everyone is welcome!